Friday, August 16, 2013

Children's Adventures With Value

I’m Victoria Roder, children’s author of adventures with value. I have been invited to join the Children’s Author Blog Hop by fellow author Cheryl Malandrinos.

What are you working on right now?
A time traveling tale from AJ, a twelve-year-old boy’s point of view. Travel back in time to small town USA during the civil rights movement, to Nazi Germany during WWII and to a time when Dragons ruled the land.  

How does it differ from other works in its genre?
AJ has a unique traveling partner.

Why do you write what you do? 
I write adventures that I would have loved to read as a young reader. My middle grade novel Sled Dog Tales revolves around “The Golden Rule and is a fast paced training and sled racing adventure with a misfit husky. Coming Soon from DWB Children's Line.

In The Curse of King Ramesses II, two best friends spend an exciting night in a haunted museum and learn a lesson on owning up to mistakes and making amends. Wild Child Publishing.

In my picture book An Important Job to Do: A Noah’s Ark Tale a small mouse learns that regardless of how we look, God has a job for each of us.DWB Children's Line.

What is the hardest part about writing? 
Finding enough time to write and editing manuscripts. I should have paid more attention during grammar lessons in school. 

What is something unique you want readers to learn about you? 
I enjoy shooting bow at targets and I like to take my dogs out for ice cream.

Now I am tagging fellow author Debbie Roppolo the author of  Amelia Frump.


  1. I am looking forward to Dog Sled Tales.

  2. Thanks! I'm thrilled with the cover, but it has to be approved by the publisher before I can post it. I wanted to have my picture taken with my own Husky for the back cover, but not sure we can have that done by Monday.

  3. Excellent interview, Victoria. All your books sound fascinating. Our oldest daughter is into WWII fiction. Ever since she saw Raiders of the Lost Ark she's been fascinated with that era.

    Best of luck in all you do.

  4. Great interview Vicki! Your books look awesome!

  5. Super interview Victoria- I absolutely love how diverse your books are! It's not easy writing multiple genres, but it looks like you have it all covered- congratulations and keep up the good work :)

  6. I think we all should have paid more attention to grammar back in high school...just sayin'