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Author, Julie Lence

Please help me welcome author, Julie Lence, author of Zanna's Outlaw

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Zanna's Outlaw Blurb

Notorious outlaw Buck Grayson is set to hang for the one murder he didn't commit, until a last minute pardon sets him free. But there's a condition to the pardon. He's to cease outlawing and bring law and order to Revolving Point, Texas, the border town along the Rio Grande, with a reputation worse than his. Zanna is there and still in danger from the fancy-pants attorney seeking revenge against her. Buck will do anything for Zanna--even pin the tin star to his chest to keep her safe--except say the words she longs to hear.

Former soiled dove Suzanna Reynolds wants respectability, a home and children, and she wants them with Buck. Trouble is, Buck isn't the settling type and has never openly acknowledged she's his woman. Convinced Buck only took the sheriff's job to settle a score and not to please her, Suzanna demands he court her to prove his love. Or leave town for good.      

Excerpt Scene

 Buck  stepped inside, closed the door and didn't make a move toward her. "That woman downstairs is worse than Emma."
"Did you come up here to complain?" She folded her arms beneath her breasts.
"I came to tell you I took this damn job for you.” Plus, it made it easier to flush out Hanson’s hired guns before they harmed her. But she didn’t need to know that. She’d want to help and would do so behind his back if he didn’t let her. “Not because I want a tumble between the sheets, but because you're my woman. That used to mean something to you."
"It still would if you’d tell me you love me."
"Dammit, Zanna. You know I do."
"Then say it," she challenged. "And don't give me the same old line about words being hard for you."
"They are." At least, those words were. The last time he'd said them his family had been murdered. With enemies lurking in the shadows, the same could happen to her. Pissing her off was one thing. He could tolerate her icy glare. Losing her forever was a whole different matter. "That doesn't mean I don't feel them."
She sighed irritably and looked away.
"Doesn’t my coming here count for something when I swore I wouldn’t?”
"If you can't say the words," she returned her gaze to him, "then I want you to prove you love me and intend to stay."
"By courting me."
"What the hell do you think the last three years have been?"
"I thought I knew, but now I’m not so sure.” She glared at him. “You say I’m your woman. Prove it.”
"Sonofabitch, Zanna. Couldn’t you just beat me with your fry pan?"
       "No," she said in that same snotty tone that had beaten him many times in the past.    

Julie grew up in an average-size city in upstate New York. All through school she enjoyed writing as long as she could choose the topic. She even tried to write a novel length story in middle school, but since she was young, she didn't stick with it all that long.
She met her husband during the latter part of 12th grade and married him two years later. He had already enlisted in the Air Force and Julie enjoyed accompanying him on his twenty years of service. By marrying young and entering the work force full-time, the writing bug didn't bite her again until the early 90's when she read Double Standards by Judith McNaught. Having already been hooked on the romance genre and family sagas, thanks to Johanna Lindsey's Malory family, the little critter of a muse dug his teeth in deep, and Julie began penning her own novels. By combining her love for romance, family and the old west, she has settled into a career writing western historical romance. 
Julie enjoys hearing from other fans of the romance genre. If you've got time, email her at:  and say hello. She'll respond back to you.
Julie's Novels:
Weston Family Series:
Luck of the Draw
Lady Luck
No Luck At All
Christmas Miracles (short story)
Revolving Point, Texas Series:
Zanna's Outlaw
Lydia's Gunslinger
Debra's Bandit


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my site, Julie. I am reading your book, Debra's Bandit right now. I love the characters Debra and Gage and am looking forward to how it will play out.

  2. Hi Juls,
    Seeing you on Vicki's blog brought a big smile to my lips. Love your excerpt on 'Zanna's Outlaw'.

  3. Hi Julie,

    Enjoyed reading the excerpt, learning about the book and you!

  4. This looks really good. I love old cowboy movies so I'm sure I'd love this too.

  5. Hi Julie, sounds like an interesting book! Enjoyed learning a little about you. Have a great day! Best, January Bain

  6. The book sounds exciting will be picking it up soon.I love old romance novels.

    Also enjoy getting to know the author's thank-you for sharing.

  7. Hi Vicki: Thank you for having me as a guest today. It's always a pleasure to work with you and to meet new people.

  8. Hi Ria: You have to get in the action! Vicki is a wonderful hostess!

  9. Hello Deb, Suzanna, Angelina January, and Tea Lady (Love that handle--Tea Lady, because I love tea!)

    Thank you all for visiting with me today and leaving a comment. Glad you liked the excerpt to Zanna's Outlaw. Buck was so much fun to write. Being an outlaw, and an ornery one, he could say and do just about anything.

  10. That was a great excerpt. Buck sounds like a great hero, and you can really feel the 'chemistry' between him and Zanna. Good luck with your book!

  11. Nice post, Julie! Hope you have many sales!

  12. Mark said...
    Way to go Juls-I hope you sell some novels. As a guy, though, I gotta ask one question. Wouldn't it be easier on Buck if Zanna just whacked him upside the head with a frying pan?