Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Character Blogfest

Character Blogfest: Chose your favorite character

1. Decide which of your characters you'd like to introduce everyone to, and choose a snippet about this character (preferably no more than 200 words) to share about this character. (A snippet from your manuscript would be awesome, but if you're not comfortable with that, you can choose to do a character sketch--something to show us your character and writing.)

2. Between January 23-25, tell us who your favorite character you've written is and why and post your snippet.

3. Hop around to other participants to check out their favorite characters and a bit of their story.

My favorite character is Hailey Price from my recently completed Paranormal Thriller, The Haunting of Ingersull Penitentiary. When Hailey Price decides to purchase the abandoned Ingersull Penitentiary with an inheritance from her murdered mother and incarcerated father's estate, and convert the former prison into a bed and breakfast, she has no idea what evil lurks within the walls once known for inhumane treatment. Hailey must find her inner strength and confront her past to battle the ancient evil.

Unpublished Excerpt:

Hailey raised her hand as if it would keep him away. “Don’t come near me!”

Braxton staggered toward her. In a swift movement, she slipped the bow off

her shoulder, unclipped the arrow, placed the arrow on the rest and drew the bow back.

“Saint Michael the Archangel…”

“You’re attempt at religion won’t work on me, Hailey. I‘m growing too strong.”

A wide smile crossed his face and he continued toward her.

Her skilled archery anchor points didn’t feel right. “Shit.” The impact of

bouncing off the ground moved her peep out of alignment. Her ribs ached and her arm

wavered. Twenty more steps and he’d be too close to release the arrow.

Shoot BraxNo! She refused to humanize him or even think his name. Shoot your

target, Hailey!

She took a deep breath and the pain from her ribs made her wince. Bow still

drawn back, she adjusted her left hand on the bow and moved her right thumb under her

jaw. Her peep site off, she closed her eyes and sang, “My God is so great, so strong and

so mighty there’s nothing my God cannot do…”

“I’m a person not a spirit. I told you, your mumbo-jumbo religious shit don’t


Releasing the arrow, she opened her eyes and waited for the fooomp. Braxton

tumbled backward to the floor. Her prize winning Brodhead carbon arrow protruding out

of his heart.

A perfect kill shot. A gasp of a cry wracked her body. She discarded the bow and

ran to Nathan’s side. Dropping to the floor, placing her cheek nest to his mouth she

prayed and waited for a breath. Another explosion rocked down the corridor. This one

closer. She positioned her body across the man she accepted she still loved,

shielding his head from debris.


  1. Great site, Victoria! And I still really love that cover!

  2. sound like an interesting tale

  3. Thanks for stopping and checkin it out!

  4. Fantastic inner struggle. And a very interesting premise for a novel! Plus, archery is a fantastic aspect to add. It says a lot about Hailey's character that she's not only talented but prize-winning at it. Thanks for posting a link to your book on the Favorite Character Blogfest! It was great reading about Hailey!

    1. Thank you, Keru. I'm enjoying reading everyone's favorite character, too.

  5. Intense snippet! I like that she's strong under pressure. The premise is intriguing as well.

  6. Nice, intense moment! I love a good, scary story. Very intriguing and I love a character with a lot of inner turmoil.

  7. Very interesting premise! I love complex characters!

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  8. Very intriguing! I love your book cover for Bolt Action :)

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  9. Intense scene. The story sounds really interesting, too.